Friday, December 4, 2009

Silver Lining

You know the saying..."Every cloud has a silver lining".  It comes from an old proverb often quoted to remind us of the hope and promise that lays even in the darkest clouds in life.  How true it is!

Lately I have been obsessed with the clouds and Autumn skies that have graced our area.  It's generally gray and dreary around these parts once the gorgeous leaves fall from the trees and the cold winter blows in.  So I've been extremely grateful for the gorgeous colors, textures and dimensions found simply by looking up.  Some days it's just a layering of various grays but the sun that tries to peak through or the way the different clouds come together is just beautiful.  It's like a painting I wish I could reach out and touch.

With this recent obsession with the sky, comes an uncontrollable urge to capture this beauty with my camera so all the photos here are of actual skies I have witnessed (usually during my drive to or from work).  I apologize for the quality of these photos as they are all taken with my cell phone and I assure you 95% of them were taken while standing still at stop lights or in traffic.  (I live in the City and therefore stop a LOT en route to just about anywhere.) 

There are a ton more where these came from but they seemed too pretty NOT to share!  Next time you're having a dreary day, just look up.  It works for me!

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Pam said...

One of my grandma's favorite memories is of how through my entire childhood I spent so much time staring at the clouds imagining what things lie within. Over here a bunny hopping, over there a dragon morphing into a dragonfly. I did it while riding in the car, lying in the meadow down the street from her house, swinging high above her backyard. It's something that, to this day, sustains me on those rougher days. A peek at the sky, even amid rain or snow, can usually bring a childlike, dreamy smile to my face. I'm so happy you do it too! It's one of those things God gave us that we can all see but that only some of us remember to "see". Let's teach our little ones, too! :) IWN!