Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 According to Facebook

I participated in this little application on Facebook that pulls a random samplings of your status updates and puts them into a collage like this:

I love this!  This past year I've kind of felt like Facebook has been a journal of my life.  While I rarely have time to write daily in a journal, or jot down the cute-isms that my oldest has spouted this past year (a friend recently called them Nate-isms), it seems I always have a second to update my status or send an update via text to my Facebook account.  Some people probably got annoyed at my daily ramblings and quotes from a three-year-old (albeit a rather witty three-year-old, if I do say so myself!) but I found it cathartic.  At least I know these thoughts and the little things I might forget otherwise are logged somewhere.  And I was able to share them with people, get positive reactions and share a smile or two with my friends.  I intend to go in and make a couple of these specific to each of the boys to put in their baby books.  It's a clever little thing...

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Heidi said...

Did you figure out how to get and print this? Joey did it so I am not even sure what he did. Nothing special other than save the image is what I think he did. My mushy brain doesn't try to remember such things because I have him to do it!