Friday, April 17, 2009

Where to start? Purpose, direction, and dreams...

As is true to my fashion, I've been drafting this next post for days now and have written, re-written, and completely over analyzed what it should say, how it should read, and what overall message I'm trying to send or what direction I'm heading in.  Ultimately, at this late hour, I realize it doesn't really matter.  That, as usual, I've overcomplicated it and in the big picture, no one is noticing and I assure you no one probably even cares.  

So, I shall talk about why I decided to start this blog.  

I've been what I will call a "Blogpie" (Blog Groupie) for some time.  I have a list of various blogs that I frequent daily and am always interested in keeping up with the news, following the updates, and stepping into these other worlds.  I am thrilled and intrigued to stumble upon a new one once in a while and slip mindlessly into someone else's perspective, drama, challenges and day-to-day existence.  It's the peeping Tom in me, I guess.  The same way people like to gawk at accidents, people watch at the Mall, and eavesdrop on strangers in restaurants.  By seeing into the lives of others, I hope to gain insight into how other people live, love, laugh, and yet, still manage to shine through it all.  So, in sharing my own random thoughts, I suppose I am hoping to find some direction, gain some clarity, improve my own perspective, or at the very least open myself up and perhaps as a result, manage to get the ball rolling towards realizing some dreams.  How, might you ask, will a simple little blog accomplish all this?  I have no idea, but anything is possible...right?

I will be honest, many of the blogs I follow are photography blogs, which for the most part leave me feeling part awestruck, and part completely and utterly inadequate.  For this, you see, is my dream.  The aforementioned dream I hope to accomplish someday?   To be a photographer.  A real photographer, not just a (heavily) practicing hobbyist.  And to have a photo blog of my own that people like me would visit, marvel over, and hold in high respect.  Why does this seem so far off?  For starters, I lack the equipment, the knowledge, the training, and most importantly, the confidence.  I do, however, have plenty of passion.  So, as I shape and mold this blog of mine, you will see it grow, I hope, into a forum through which I can share some of my favorite photos and take some leaps and bounds towards achieving this goal.  But mostly, you'll read a lot of my obscure ramblings, hear charming (and most likely redundant) stories of my precious boys, and hopefully gain some insight into who I am, what makes me tick, and where it is I'm headed in this joyride we call life!!  Buckle up and keep your hands inside the cart at all times!  I hope you enjoy the ride!


Tifkota said...

No one cares?!?!? I know for sure that I do, and I can think of a few more without even hesitating. I actually think of you as a very talented artist. You create beautiful works of art, with words and your pictures. You also appreciate the passion in others. I always want to hear what you have to say. I love to read what you write because you express yourself beautifully. You always give me something to think about or consider. I find myself quoting you, a lot. And you know how much I love looking at your photographs. You have an amazing eye.

As a rank amateur photographer myself, I am inspired by a lot of your shots, and try to recreate some myself. They are never quite as good though. I also love that I can share some of my favorites with you, or even some of the ones that are a little on the arty side. You always validate me. I think your work deserves to be on display somewhere, and shared with others who will appreciate it. Maybe this is a good start. I am always so proud of all that you do- raising the boys, working full-time, hobbies you indulge. Way to go, sister! I'll be following along here. Love you! xoxo

Matt said...

I recall that really neat picture of the rose with the dust on it. You have great talent that I hope you remain motivated to pursue. I'm always looking for good visuals for covers and track listings-so one day I might get in touch with you for some CD artwork. Your writing is really excellent too-I look forward to being a follower (now I sound like I am in some arcane cult lmao)