Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hi, My Name is...

I realize those of you reading this already know who I am, or you wouldn't be "following" me, but I still feel like I should introduce myself for any other unlucky fool who stumbles in to check me out.  

So, please allow me to go on for a minute about that which makes my grey skies blue - My boys.
There are many of them.  5 of them, to be exact.  Starting with my husband, Dave.  He is my reason, my level head, my grounding when I'm stuck in dreamland, being unrealistic with my head in the clouds.  He's cranky, cynical, pessimistic, and tough as nails on the outside.  But I see another side of him that the rest of the world isn't allowed to see.  I see the side that turns into a goofball when wrestling with our 3-year-old on the floor.  The side that handles pee and poop and spit-up better than any nanny or grandmother ever could for 8-hours a day (with minor complaints) and then heads off to work another 8 hours dealing with other people's drama and emergencies in a high stress environment...all because "it's what is best for our family".  

Then there is Adam.  My 24-year-old step son.  He's a tough nut to crack but once you get through, he's just like his father.  A tough guy, generally misunderstood, struggling to find his place, but loving and giving.  He's a good kid who has paid his dues and is trying to learn from his mistakes (which is more than you can say for most people!).  

Nick is next in line - my 18-year-old step-son.  Nick is aloof, chatty, funny, and sweet.  He'd do anything for you (or at least tell you he couldn't do it as nicely as possible and then feel really guilty about it!).  I've spent a lot of late nights talking to him about music, girls and typical teenager stuff (which is much different than it was back in my day!).  We've watched trash TV together and made up spoofs about movies we've watched or turned two words into a new word (like Blog Groupie = Blogpie or if someone is happy and silly he'd say they're "Hilly") - it's goofy and juvenile but it makes me laugh.   I worry about Nick as he tries to figure out his path in life, but I know with time and some motivation, he'll do just fine.  He and his brother have just gone through firefighter academy and are full fledged members of the fire department.  It gives them both a healthy outlet and a real sense of belonging.  They have really flourished!  

On to my other two boys:  Nathaniel (Nate) and Alexander (Alex).  My heart and soul.  You'll hear a lot about them, I assure you! 

Nathaniel (a.k.a. Bug) is 3 (going on 20) and is the funniest, most energetic, and independent child you'll ever meet.  He has an imagination that can't be harnessed, an activity level that is hard to keep up with, and he is completely fearless.  There isn't anything he can't do, won't figure out with time, or hasn't at least tried (except vegetables, maybe!)!  He feels comfortable in a room full of strangers, has no shame about parading around in public wearing a cowboy outfit, a pirate hat, sunglasses, mardi gras beads, and carrying a fishing pole or purse (much to Dave's horror!), and he makes me laugh at least a hundred times a day.  I spend a good portion of every day looking for ghosts, hiding from monsters, or riding runaway horses in pursuit of the "mailmen" (or bad guys, as the rest of us call them!)  I consider myself very blessed.  Of course, with his energy and independence comes an inevitable stubborn side that leads to plenty of head butting but he helps to keep me honest, open minded, flexible, and patient!  

Alexander (a.k.a. Digger/Fuzz Bucket) is currently 6.5 months old.  He is my sunshine - happy no matter what.  He's an observant wall flower, happy to just sit back and quietly watch the world and then as soon as he catches someone's attention he lights up and starts flailing about in glee as if to say "They  noticed me!  Yeah!"  :)  He is already on the move and refuses to sit still for long.  Afterall, he can't observe the world very thoroughly while staying in one place!  He is desperately trying to keep up with his big brother and so far he's doing a great job!  My favorite part of Alex is by far his smile.  It lights up his whole face and makes me happy no matter what!  He thinks his brother is hilarious and his laugh is truly infectious.  I love to scoop him up and chase Nathaniel while we play "baby brother monster" - Nate runs to hide and Alex laughs uncontrollably.  It's great - I could watch him all day long and be happy. 

Anyway, I could go on and on about my boys.  As you can tell, they are my world.  I love them SO much!  Of course, I'm a bit outnumbered, but I wouldn't change a thing.  There's something to be said for being the lone girl - a queen among kings.  No on will ever steal my clothes, lose my jewelry, or fight for my shoes.  OK, so Nathaniel likes to wear my shoes, the boys will probably lose my jewelry someday, and they have both stained a shirt or two, but not in the same degree as if I had girls.  I'll take my boys any day.  

Welcome to my world.  I hope you have a strong stomach as we journey together for our world is a messy, dirty, gross, disgusting one (think bugs, worms, dirt, scraped knees, nose picking...all things BOY)!

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