Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am the Turtle

Ok, so I'm NOT a turtle, but I found this quote and I suddenly feel I can relate to the turtle.

“The turtle makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”

Last week we were faced with the choice of whether or not to take in an adorable painted turtle that needed a home.  My husband told me if I could figure out how to care for it, we could keep it.  So I did some research, asked my friends for their advice, opinions, and experience, and sat the boys down for a chat on responsibility.  If were going to take on this "challenge", I wanted to make sure they (Nate specifically) understood what was expected of them.  This turtle would come with rules.

Rule #1 of course was proper care and sanitary procedures to avoid the nasty illnesses turtles and other reptiles can carry and share.  There would be minimal touching and diligent hand washing would be practiced.

Rule #2 was that they needed to help care for him (her?).

Rule #3 was that this turtle needed a name!

So over dinner, we discussed these rules, which were readily agreed to, and we (Nate) named him Pluto.

Welcome, Pluto!

For the first few days we had a hodge podge set up that consisted of a bin and some stones from the driveway

...but as of today we have an official turtle home set up for Pluto.

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A's Mom said...

How cool you found a baby turtle! Take good care of Pluto!