Sunday, May 8, 2011

You can call me Mommy...

I am a wife.

A co-worker.




I am an Aunt.

A niece.




I am a tax-payer.

A Republican.




I am a Step-Mom

A Daughter-in-Law



Former classmate.

But the one title I love the most is Mom.

Granted I don't always feel like I'm doing a great job in that title, but man does it have its benefits.  Far beyond a 401(k) and health insurance, motherhood has given me unconditional love, immeasurable joy, laughter, free entertainment, fun, wonderment, endless hugs and kisses, and a lifetime supply of ego boosts and mind stimulating challenges.

The two little boys who call me Mom are the most precious gifts in the world to me.  They are my life and I love every moment spent with them.  Even the most challenging times have a flip side - an "I sowee, Mommy" or a silly expression just to crack a smile.  So, today, amidst breakfast made for me by 4 little hands (and two big hands), homemade gifts, cards, and plants, coffee in the sun on the porch, and a shower of hugs and kisses, I am extra specially grateful for those precious boys who call me Mommy.  For without them I wouldn't be able to have this job that requires SO MUCH work and has SO MANY rich rewards for the time and energy spent.  Thank you, Nate & Alex for letting me learn, grow, (sometimes) experiment, laugh, and love with you.


Heidi said...

Happy Mommy's Day! Love the photos!

Sherry said...

Adorable pictures of your little guys! It seems as though you enjoyed YOUR day, and rightly so. :)