Friday, August 14, 2009

Restless Brain Syndrome

I am so glad it's the weekend!  And while I realize I'm sorely remiss on my (self-imposed) obligation to provide my reader(s) with semi-regular and somewhat predictably timed entertainment through my Thinkbox Thursday and Flashback Fridays, I just haven't been feeling it lately.  Don't worry (would you anyway?) I'm not giving it up already, just have to get back on the wagon (and perhaps get to sleep once in a while before 1 AM so my brain functions properly when I sit down to write).

As I sit here now, there are about 1,000 things bouncing around in my brain so I'm not even sure where to go with this post.  I'm rehashing the harried week, debriefing from the hectic day, and looking forward to the crazy weekend ahead.  I'm trying to plan out my time, while desperately wishing I had more of it.  Or perhaps just wishing it would go by a little slower.  

While my weary mind and body rests up and prepares to wow (?) you all next week, I thought I'd share some photos of a short jaunt my family took to the Zoo this week.  I played (legitimate) hooky from work and went with my son on a school field trip to our local zoo.  It's not the best zoo, but it's ours and it's the only one we have (which I suppose we're lucky just to HAVE ONE, period) so I won't complain too much. 

There's not a lot to TELL, necessarily.  We went, we saw, we did.  Nathaniel splashed in the water, climbed and ran around the playground(s), traveled onward always with the goal of seeing the polar bears in mind, threw a colossal (albeit short-lived) temper tantrum when we had to LEAVE the water fun, and searched and searched and searched for the Hippos.   Of course we never did FIND any Hippos as our zoo doesn't have any - ditto for the giraffes (none), lions (zip), and seals (nada).  I've heard speak of penguins at our zoo but have yet to see them the last three times I've been, so I think it's a myth.  It was a beautiful day for a trip though!  Thanks for letting me share some photos from our day!

Nate was showing me how to hop like a wallaby here...

Nate showing his attitude.  This is his "no!" stance, moments after he stomped his feet.  Look closely and you'll see his nose in the air and his eyes closed.  It's humorous but gets him nowhere every time.

I started singing "If I were King of the MOUN-TAIN!" (to the tune of King of the Forest from Wizard of Oz) and Nate copied me by singing "If I was King of the H-iiiILL!"  It was cute!!!

I love the look on Alex's face here.  He checked out this polar bear forever before he finally decided to touch it.  His face says "Please don't eat me!"

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Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing...these photos really put a smile on my face!!

P.S. You really do need to get back to your regularly scheduled programs!!