Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Letter to Alexander…as you start Kindergarten.

My dear, sweet Boo Boo (Alex),

I can't believe it, but today you woke up a Kindergartner.  How did that happen so quickly?!?  After all, you're still my BABY!  You'll always be my baby, even if you are stepping on the bus tomorrow to attend your first full day of school.  

As you take this big step into the world, I hope you know that I love you more than anything!  I have so much I want for you.  So many things I worry about for you.  

My sweet boy, I want you to dream big and for all of your dreams to come true.  I want you to remain innocent forever - to never lose your individual spunk and witty sense of humor.  I want you to keep your wide-eyed sense of wonder, learn everything you can, and ALWAYS use your head and make smart choices.  Be yourself -  for you are a wonderful, special, and fabulous little boy, just as you are.  Stay safe.  Always choose things that make you happy.  Be a good friend.  Stick up for the "little guy".  Give more than you take.  Be kind.  Never ever lose that smile!  Think before you speak.  Hold open the door for someone behind you.  Listen more than you talk.  Ask questions.  Pay it forward as often as you can.  

As you travel down this educational route for the next 12 years (or more!), I will be here, always.  I've got your back.  You can talk to me about anything.  Nothing is too small, too silly, too weird, or too uncomfortable.  I am your Mama.  I will always be here, no matter what.  Never forget that.

Now, take your cute butt out into the world and show everyone what a wonderful force you are.  Keep your attitude in check but use your wit wisely.  Keep your anger under control and always remember to breathe.  Stick with your brother and remember how much we love you!!

Big, big, big, big, big, big HUGS!



Heidi said...

You will always be the best mamma! Nate and Alex are so blessed to have you and are who they are because of you. Shana, the mamma of boys who lets them be boys. Let's them live and explore, be dirty , messy and so much more. Babies are special gifts and yours have always been treated as such.

Sherry said...

Oh dear! You're youngest is now in SCHOOL!!!! Does he like it? I'm guessing it was bittersweet for you? I've got one more year before we send Ethan so I'll have to get some coping advice from you then. :) Hope all is well there!!