Thursday, March 21, 2013


Dear Bug, er, Nate,

As I sit here, in the dark, in the last few minutes before the clock ticks away the precious few remaining moments of you being just SIX, I think of you.  You are soundly sleeping in the other room.  Your sweet snores remind me that you are near and tell me you are in peaceful slumber, dreaming pleasantly of ladder trucks and cookie cakes, I hope.

Seven to me seems like such a big number.  Such an impossibly large number.  How is it that you became SEVEN in the mere blink of an eye?  It's also a scary number.  It seems like seven is so much closer to the real world.  One step closer to the harsh realities of hurt, disappointment, danger, life lessons, and fear.  One step farther away from the safety of my arms.

Suddenly, you appear before me, this boy who can make his own lunches and get himself ready for school.  You have friends and a social schedule and plans that aren't always mine.  You have homework and chores and responsibilities that you take care of with some gentle reminding.  You're mature, and polite, and kind.  Temper tantrums have begun to give way and therefore have made time for more philosophical conversations and fun play.  As if out of nowhere, you know things - smart things - that I didn't teach you.  You read and learn and listen and soak in the world around you - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  You worry more.  You parent a lot.  You fight like heck for the little person but forget to stand up for the person you should be protecting the most (you!).

I often miss the little boy you were, but I have to stop myself and focus on the amazing young MAN you are becoming.  You are strong, independent, funny, caring, kind, creative, loving, witty, smart, and incredibly handsome!!  I am so proud to be your Mom and blessed to have you in my heart and in my world every single minute of the last seven years!!  Happy birthday, Bug!

P.S.  Now, can you slow down this growing up thing, a little...for ME?  Please?  :)


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