Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 on 10 : July 2011

It's been forever since I've (remembered to) participate in 10 on 10.  For those of you who have forgotten, 10 on 10 is where I take ten photos (one/hour or thereabouts) for ten hours on the 10th of the month.  It's a fun way to get creative, think a little differently about your day, and highlight some of the ordinary moments that make life so extraordinary.

So here is my 10 on 10 (with some wordy descriptors since they won't make sense otherwise and I'd like to look back on these as a journal of sorts)  :)

 This has been our life for 4 days now.  Alex came down with a fever on Thursday morning (4AM).  By Friday he landed us at the pediatricians' office for a negative strep test and a preliminary (guess?) diagnosis of Coxsackie Disease.  We were slated to hit the 1000 Islands for a weekend of fun in the sun but this curve in the road kept us home for this beautiful weekend.  Alex has (unwillingly, I'm sure) given us a run for our money with this fever from H-E-L-L (including a couple scares with 105 degree temps that wound us up in the ER on Friday night and back on the phone with the on-call physician on Saturday afternoon).  Finally today we found a rhythm of medications/dosages/timing that worked well to keep his fever spikes at bay.  He was maintaining a temperature near 100-101 which was impressive considering we were in a non-air-conditioned house with no breeze and little relief from the heat and humidity that spiked outdoors.

 So, we packed a quick lunch and decided to head to the cooler temps of Lake Ontario for some relaxation and cooling off.  

 Nate was convinced that the water was "10 feet deep" and he'd surely drown, but we finally convinced him that if Mommy, at 4'10" could reach the bottom, that it was NOT 10 feet deep and he would be fine.

 Someone was feeling better himself once we stripped down and cooled off in the fresh Lake air. 

 I got to toodle around in my new kayak (that I got for my birthday a few weeks ago) and even got to give Nate a chance to try it out.  

 The boys had fun torturing Daddy while he was trying to relax.  Notice I didn't dissuade them from their scheme.  HA!

The best part about today was getting to play around with a new Coleman Underwater camera I bought specifically for my kayak adventures.  It was cool to be able to dunk under the water to snap photos...this will bring a whole new dimension to my photo taking obsessions!
Alex quickly got tired and wanted to go home so he floated around with Daddy for a little bit being silly and relaxing while Nate got his last few moments of swimming in.
 Nate floating around.

 All in all today was a beautiful day!  I'm so thankful that we were able to get out for a bit as a family and enjoy some of Dave's week of vacation.  I'm especially grateful that Alex's fever has come down (he's now sticking closer to 99 degrees which is as close to "broke" as we can hope for at this point!).  I hope the next few days bring rest and better health for our family! 


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I want an underwater camera! How fun!

{ T G L } said...

I am sorry to hear about the health issues and the cancellation of your original plans, but it still looks like quite a terrific Sunday!

I love water sports to I was living vicariously through your kayak shots. And your underwater camera rocks! :)

This Good Life

Heidi said...

I FAILED MISERABLY! My day was so not exciting or photo worthy! I have about 5 photos and that is it so I gave up for this month. :(

Your photos are great! Looks like you had such a nice time and break from the fever stress. Nothing like a dunk in cool water to drop a fever!

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

Looks like a lovely summer day. I have a broken foot and our adventures are limited- no swimming for me. I am waiting and dreaming about getting out to play.

JulieBGreen said...

I hope that cute little guy gets better! That underwater camera looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope your son is feeling better by now!