Thursday, July 30, 2009

Give me a 'C'!

Ok, it's time to get back on the horse, as they say.  Vacation is over and I have a schedule to keep and a fan base to remain loyal to (HA!)  :)  Seriously, though...this Thinkbox Thursday question has been sitting in draft form for weeks now as I had intended to post it while I was on vacation.  However, with no internet service in the 1000 Islands to assist me with that, it sat unfinished until tonight.  So, without further ado.  (Whatever that means...)

Were you ever in a drama or speech class, on a sports team, or in a club?

I tried the drama thing and failed miserably.  I was never cut out for a speech class of any sort.  The very thought of all those EYES gazing upon me while I delivered a lecture of any length makes my skin crawl even now.  I was part of a few clubs, S.A.D.D. and I'm sure others that have slipped my mind.  But sports.  Now there's an activity I really sank my teeth into in high school.  No, I wasn't a softball player.  I never had a penchant for volleyball or tennis.  I'm simply not built for basketball.  Nope, I threw myself into a sport of another sort.  

I realize this is a highly debated topic but I was, in fact, on a sports team.  I, not surprisingly to most (and already known to the majority of you reading this anyway) was a CHEERLEADER.  Now I now some may scoff at the use of the words CHEERLEADING and SPORT in the same sentence but I am not backing down on this one.  Obviously this must be less of an issue today than it was back in MY day.  Afterall, have you SEEN cheerleaders today?!?  With the level of athleticism they exhibit and the degree of difficulty involved in the stunts and routines they perform, it's obvious to me they're working their butts off!!  

But yes, back in the day, I was a Football, Basketball, and Soccer (yes, SOCCER) cheerleader.  Different seasons, of course, but from Freshman year through my Senior year in high school I cheered for all seasons and enjoyed every single minute of it.  I don't care what people say, really.  Even when I was a cheerleader (before the massive expectations, dangerous three-story-high flying and flipping in the air, and triple-back-flip-head-spinning hand springs), we worked hard.  We had to be in shape, we exercised, and practiced, and perfected our "game" (also known as skills, cheers, jumps, timing, acrobatics, stunts, etc.).  We were out there in the wind, rain, snow, and bitter temperatures cheering on our players, entertaining the spectators, and freezing our little behinds off in those little skirts and tops!  That alone deserves respect, recognition, and credit!  I really think cheering helped me grow in confidence and helped to prove (at least to ME) that I was good at something.  I mean I wasn't the best, I was a mediocre cheerleader at best (as I am with most everything) but I'm ok with that.  I never really strove to be the best.  That was too much spotlight for me.  I honestly didn't mind blending in.  I just liked having the camaraderie.  I liked the feeling of being a part of a community, and hey, the title was cool, too.  Plus, it was a lot of fun!  I made some fantastic friends and a whole heck of a lot of memories along the way.   It taught me responsibility and hard work and dedication.  I was accountable to a TEAM and it certainly kept me busy (Read: out of trouble!)!  I am proud of my days as a cheerleader.

Here's some tangible proof of my BHS pride:  

Lucky (?) for you guys I haven't gotten my scanner up and running or you'd have an eyeful of flashback cheering photos to pile through!  Count your blessings!  He, he!


Sarah said...

What do you mean "not the best"? I distinctly remember you being the Captian (or Co-Captian?)for atleast a couple of those 4 years?!?! They don't give that title to just anyone!!

Pam said...

Sarah's were awesome!! I was jealous...too clumsy to be any good at it...but you were always a natural with your gorgeous, "cheer along with me" smile, snappy arm positioning and high flier skills, I admired your cheering forte! Give yourself made the squad every season of every year without rocked! Ya still do, but grownups don't seem to have many opportunities to join squads! :) PS...even with blurry faces, I know who every one of those people in that pic are! You were the cutest!